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Custom Research

Work with our team of survey experts to design custom research on the student demographic. Whether you need to interview computer science majors at MIT, students at online universities or a nationally representative sample, we’ve got you covered.

"College Pulse is an outstanding research partner - highly responsive and collaborative from start to finish. We have findings in hand in a matter of days and an insightful, visually engaging report within weeks. Thank you for designing efficiency and quality into your offering."

Evette Alexander

Director of Learning & Impact, Knight Foundation


Why College Pulse?

Why College Pulse?

Unparalleled Reach

Our American College Student Panel is the largest of it's kind with more than 800,000 college student and recent grads from 1500 two and four-year colleges and universities in all 50 states.

Why College Pulse?

Rigorous Methodology

Crafted by industry veterans with extensive opinion polling backgrounds, our methodology ensures we present data that accurately reflects the attitudes and opinions of your target population.

Why College Pulse?

College Student Experts

No one understands college students better than us. We've collected more than 100 million responses from students around the country.

What our clients say.

College Pulse partners with leading academic researchers, prominent think tanks, and global brands to conduct ground-breaking research on the college demographic. Here’s what they’re saying about us:

"We were incredibly fortunate to work with College Pulse on the Chegg/College Pulse Election Tracker. The project was very ambitious, but they not only were able to deliver on a large scale, they exceeded my expectations on everything from framing the research questions to methodological rigor to presentation of insights. They were very easy to work with and a truly turn-key solution -- more importantly, their extra efforts helped us exceed our business goals for the project.”

Bonny Brown

Head of Research, Chegg

“College Pulse ignited our study of civic engagement and global citizenry. After conducting our study one college at a time, College Pulse’s robust panel allowed us to understand all American college students commitment to serve and development pursuant to most college missions quickly and with the highest methodological standards.”

Don Levy, Ph.D

NASCE, Director Siena College Research Institute and Principal Investigator

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Get accurate data about what your campus really thinks. Ask questions about what want to know about your campus, take surveys, analyze results, and anonymously discuss topics with other students while earning rewards.