At College Pulse, we believe there is a better way to measure public opinion. A more accurate, less invasive way where data is shared openly rather than extracted from individuals. We know that students' time and thoughts are worth more than just a gift card. That’s why we focus on providing students with access to insights about what their community thinks on topics they care about. Insights they can't find anywhere else. This student-first approach has allowed us to grow into the largest and most reliable source of college student opinion.

Our founding

In the wake of a student protest at Dartmouth College in 2016, the campus felt utterly divided. Students tried to make sense of what had taken place, what they believed, and whether their opinions aligned with those of the larger community. With no reliable source of community opinion available, administrators and students alike turned to polarizing social media platforms that instilled distorted perceptions of community opinion. Inspired by these events, our founders, Terren Klein and Robin Jayaswal, set out to create a student-centered opinion platform to fill this informational void.

Early growth

After launching the app at Dartmouth in 2017, we saw rapid adoption. In the first month, 60% of the student body signed up. By the end of the school year, we had collected over 2 million responses from 95% of the student body.

Expansion & Funding

Propelled by investments from top investors including Madrona Ventures, GSV Accelerate, and Y-Combinator, we began our nationwide university expansion and experienced remarkable growth. By the start of 2019, we had collected over 20 million responses from 125,000 college students representing more than 180 four-year colleges and universities in all 50 states.

To infinity and beyond

We believe people have a right to access accurate data about what their communities think, and this goes beyond college campuses. Distorted perceptions of public opinion is a major impediment for progress in communities of all sizes and we see that as an opportunity: We’re excited to build the largest and most reliable source of public opinion, and uncover the truth about what the world thinks.

In College? Be Counted!

Get accurate data about what your campus really thinks. Ask questions about what want to know about your campus, take surveys, analyze results, and anonymously discuss topics with other students while earning rewards.