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College Pulse stands at the forefront of academic insight, specializing in online surveys dedicated to better understanding current university students’ mindsets, inclinations, and actions. Through our unique American College Student Panel, we’ve surveyed more than 675,000 college students and alumni from over 1,500 institutions, spanning both two- and four-year programs in every state.

Our insights fuel strategies and decisions in various sectors, including higher education, politics, religion, consumer goods, and more. We provide businesses with tools to pinpoint excellent employment prospects, guide political leaders in shaping student-centric policies, and aid aspiring students in finding their perfect academic home.

The following are examples of reports that could specifically mention your institution.

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For the integrity of projects like the 2024 WSJ/College Pulse Rankings and the 2024 Freedom of Speech Dashboard, we require responses from at least 100 students per institution. While College Pulse is known for immediate compensation for surveys, email filters occasionally misinterpret our outreach as spam, which can limit student participation. Your understanding and collaboration are vital to overcoming these challenges and achieving robust, inclusive research.

What you can do to avoid disqualification

Let your IT department, or any other responsible parties, know that you want our emails to not be marked as spam. You can do that by sending them to this page, or by providing them the following information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

College Pulse reaches out to students via email primarily to invite them to participate in our surveys. By doing so, we aim to gather genuine and diverse opinions from the college demographic. Not only does this help in producing accurate and reliable data, but it also provides students with an opportunity to voice their opinions and get compensated for their time and insights. We value the feedback of college students, and emails are an efficient way to engage with them directly.

Delivering emails efficiently, especially in large volumes, presents challenges. Sometimes, email providers might misinterpret our outreach as promotional or spam, causing emails to be filtered out or placed in a different folder. We’re continuously refining our email delivery techniques and work closely with email providers to ensure our communications reach students without hindrance. We appreciate your support in taking steps to mitigate this issue.

When students participate in College Pulse surveys, they receive compensation for their valuable time and insights. Beyond this, they have the opportunity to voice their opinions on pertinent topics, ensuring their perspectives are represented in broader discussions. Many surveys also enlighten students on current events and trends, fostering reflection and increased awareness.

The advantages of participating in College Pulse surveys are twofold. Firstly, it provides institutions access to deep insights about their student body, enabling data-driven decisions that can enhance the academic experience. These insights illuminate strengths, growth points, and emerging trends. Secondly, there’s the prestige factor: institutions have the opportunity to be featured in highly-publicized research, making lasting impressions on prospective students and the wider academic community.

Companies aiming to rank institutions utilize College Pulse survey data to capture a holistic view of student experiences and satisfaction. The data informs rankings on criteria like academic quality, campus life, and student well-being. By incorporating direct student feedback, these rankings offer a more authentic depiction of each institution, balancing traditional metrics with real student perspectives. The published reports offer a comprehensive approach that aids prospective students and educators in discerning an institution's strengths and growth areas.

Companies not focused on ranking institutions use College Pulse survey data to understand broader trends, behaviors, and sentiments among the U.S. college population. The data aids in guiding employment prospecting, crafting marketing strategies, and informing policy or advocacy efforts. Essentially, the insights drawn from the surveys offer companies a clear lens into the preferences, challenges, and aspirations of college students, enabling more informed and effective decision-making in their respective sectors.

Ensuring the protection and privacy of the data we collect is paramount to College Pulse. Data shared with clients is always anonymized, ensuring that no personal identifying information is attached. Furthermore, the data is presented in an aggregated format. While companies can view breakdowns of responses based on demographics, they don't have access to individual-level data. This ensures individual responses remain confidential while still providing companies with the overarching trends and insights they seek.

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